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    Dragon's Dogma Trades Empty Dragon's Dogma Trades

    Post by Hyde on Mon Feb 25, 2013 5:03 am

    Hey guys. Hyde here, wanting to open a small trade shop for the Capcom game, Dragon's Dogma.

    I won't go into explaining the game as I am sure anyone visiting this thread are already aware of the game. If not, give it a google search real quick or just go and rent the game.

    However, some people may not know how to trade items yet, so let me fill you in on how this works. When you want to give a normal item (non-armor/weapon), you just simply rent that person's pawn and then release the pawn shortly after. When the game asks is you want to send an item back with the pawn, you simply select the item you are giving away. Now, weapons and armors are different, but just as easy. For both, you start off the same way, by hiring the other player's pawn. Then, you just equip whatever armors or weapons (or both) to that pawn (just as you would equip said stuff to yourself or your own pawn) and then just send the pawn back (or release the pawn). This will give the armors/weapons to the pawn to take back to the player, thus trading that item to them.

    So how this works in my shop is I will list items that I am offering. I will also list my wishlist, along with a star rating )1-5, 5 being most wanted, 1 being least) for each item to show how bad they are needed. If you find something you would like off my list, you can make an offer. If I accept your offer, you can then find my pawn in the rift by searching my Xbox LIVE GamerTag. Rent out my pawn and send him back with whatever items/armors/weapons you offered. Once I acquire said items, I will then send you your items/weapons/armors.

    My Gamertag:hyde9190

    In Stock:

    Ascalon {One-Handed Sword, Light Magic Enchanted, Not Enhanced}

    Carnation {One-Handed Sword, Not-Enhanced}

    Dragon's Risen {ArchiStaff, Not-Enhanced}

    Dragon Band {Head Armor, Dragon Forged Enhancement}

    Philosopher's Robe {Body Armor|Robe, Not-Enhanced}

    Paladin's Mantle {Cloak, Dragon Forged Enhancement}

    Lordly Cloak {Cloak, Not-Enhanced}

    Ring of Sable {Jewelry}

    Not In Stock (But Acquirable, depending on offers)

    Maker's Finger Arrow {Special Arrow, One Shot Kill to Near All Monsters, One Time Use, Does Not Kill Ur-Dragon (But DOES highly damage him)}

    Wakestone(s) {Used to bring player|NPC back from the dead, offers can have multiple Wakestones if needed}

    FerryStone(s) {Used as a form of FastTravel, Offers can have multiple FerryStones if needed}

    PortCrystal {Placed on ground to allow FerryStones to travel to different locations}

    Blast Arrow {Special Arrow, Explodes on Contact}

    Everfall Loot {You can ask for different Weapons and/or Armors that can be found in the Everfall, If it can be found there It can be requested, Ur-Dragon Loot does not count}

    DLC Sets {I currently have a couple DLC packs, including a weapon pack, these can be requested from as well}


    Abyssinal Armor Set {Need Full Armorset} *****

    Saint George Mask *****

    Abyssinal Outfit {Acquired by defeating Grigori on Hard Mode} ***

    Chainmail Bracers **

    Alright guys, let me know if you have anything or want anything.

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