A new foe approaches...


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    A new foe approaches... Empty A new foe approaches...

    Post by Deshar on Sun Jan 20, 2013 3:16 pm

    The aftermath of the last battle left Caln stunned, for a while he could barely move but eventually built back up his strength.

    "Stay down, a failure like you doesn't deserve to stand back up after such a pathetic fight." Zanik emerged from the shadows, the sound of his foot steps hidden by the wind.

    "I-I can explain." Caln tried to respond but a gust of wind cut him short.

    "No explaination can solve your incompetance. You're out of the group, got it? Go home and do whatever it is worthless fools like you do." Zanik turned and left undercover of a brewing wind storm, there was no time for Caln to even respond.

    As I enter this strange new world there's no time for hesitation, to turn back now would only be foolish.

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