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    Minecraft GUI Empty Minecraft GUI

    Post by Hyde on Tue Jan 15, 2013 11:33 am

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    Minecraft GUI JK4EXMinecraft GUI 19UKm

    The Minecraft GUI is actually incredibly simple looking, but it was a request from a friend who is a minecraft fanatic. It is essentially an emulation of the GUI from Minecraft, but in PokeMMO. I tried to add in a few little things of flair here and there to make it look a bit less bland, but I will warn you that there is a LOT of grey. Oh well though, I think it turned out fine and my friend was overly happy to see it, so I consider it done. I hope you guys like it.

    (NOTE: If you look at the title screen, the image in the back is the entire region of Kanto mapped out in Minecraft, PC Version.)

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